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Master Class

Workflow Class

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Minimally Invasive Teaching Academy in Berlin

Minimally invasive techniques in all fields of surgical intervention are on the increase. In addition to new techniques and technology and learning novel surgical methods, the workflow must be adapted to the advanced conditions in order to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.

This fast and continuous change demands consistent adjustment of the standard of knowledge of all involved. Nowadays, not only are the basic elements of minimally invasive surgery scrutinized, but more importantly you as a surgeon aim to develop your basic knowledge, targeted at learning and experiencing procedures and technologically influenced workflow processes.
Because of this we have decided to share our accrued knowledge and our experience in these fields through an exceptional three-part program which can either be booked individually with a personal trainer or in a course

Basic Class
The Basic Class is aimed at conveying fundamental knowledge and capabilities in laparoscopic surgery. You will also be taught the basic skills required for the Master Class in order to experience the targeted procedure in its entirety and complexity.

Master Class
The Master Class is aimed at learning and mastering surgical and gynaecological procedures in minimally invasive surgery, both in theory and practice, conveyed by specialists. At the end of the course, the students will be able to perform the interventions with success, that is without complications.

Workflow Class
The development of new operating principles (tools, instruments, IT) requires completely new workflow patterns in and around the operating room in order to not only perform one procedure effectively in your home country but to also learn to work efficiently. The process of learning encompasses the recognition of the elementary importance of a targeted employment of existing resources within a complex architecture and their orchestration.

1. Personal trainer: 1 student + 1 trainer (plus 1 assistant trainer)
2. Course program: max. 10 students

A certificate confirming your skills will be issued for every course.
The Master Class certificate, which affirms you professional skill to perform the selected procedure alone in your home country will be awarded at the end of the Preceptor- on- site- tutorship (POST).